Musical Sleuth Services

Our service is different because when you engage us, you become our top priority. We deliberately keep our clients to a small manageable number because we want to provide you with a very personal service.

We are different because we do not have deadlines or a finite amount of time to work on your statements. Everything is agreed prior to our engagement and that includes the price of the service. There are no hidden fees or claims on a percentage of what we find.

Our main aim is to give you the client, peace of mind in that all your royalties are flowing through properly.

We are unique because we have special programs which allow us to automatically check registrations, products and unclaimed royalties at PRS for Music. This means that for the larger catalogues, we are not restricted to looking at top earning titles or recently released products only. In many cases, we are able to track royalties on a world-wide basis.

Our service also includes advising our clients on all aspects of the music industry. We have a non-profit making sideline project in Irish Showcase where we bring over acts from Ireland with the intention to showcase their talents in front of the UK public and music industry.

If you need us to register titles and repatriate income, we can do this. If you would like us to administer your copyrights, our sister company Jam Music Publishing can help on any basis which suits you.

Our service is not restricted to songwriters and publishers. Our clients have included artists, record companies, audit firms and producers.

We also have a very good relationship with Goldman Bailey Ltd who are experts in administering and collecting PPL income.

Our work is usually carried out in our office but we can work at our client's office if required. We have 3 consultants all of whom have a great knowledge of contracts and royalties.

If you feel that you could benefit from any of our services, please contact us.